First Opened in 2002 and subsequently purchased by Cauliflower in 2019, The Art Dept is our high street shop based in Haslemere, Surrey which sells Art Materials & provides bespoke art-dept Services.

Online Store

Along side this we are developing an online Art Store which will launch in 2021.

Art Materials

The art-dept is a traditional art shop providing top brand art supplies & materials, craft supplies and bespoke framing services.

New art-dept Workshop & Consulting Room

We have recently relocated our workshop to Bordon to provide a larger workshop to house new art-dept kit and created a new consultation room at Haslemere with a complete new range of Mouldings for customers to choose from.

We provide our services to Shop Customers, Artists and Contract Work.

Framming Kit
  • GunnerA10X - Mount Cutter
  • Alfamachine AMP U600 - Under Pinner
  • Excalibur 5000 - Glass & Board Cutter
  • Morso Cutter